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Our Services

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BoxProtect was inspired and created for professionals. We can meet your billing cycle or payment needs.  Our delivery system can squeeze boxes into any tight corners, any incline, any ground coverings.  We are equipped for 24-hour emergency deliveries.  Our VIP customer business model means your account preferences are always ready and bookings can be made directly with the General Manager on your speed dial (a quick text or phone call).  We know your business and we know storage logistics is not where you want to focus your energy, that’s where our partnership starts.

We can also guarantee storage boxes available every time through our Partnership Agreements.  Ask us about how you can partner with BoxProtect.


BoxProtect proudly works directly with Insurance Adjusters too!


On-Site Storage

With our portable storage boxes, you can conveniently keep your content on-site, ensuring 24/7 access and eliminating the requirement to make trips to off-site storage facilities.


Whether its to your facility, a clients home, or… anywhere.  Gain more time, save on costs, and reduce stress by having our portable storage boxes delivered directly to you while we take care of moving the content.

Relocation Storage


Off-Site Storage

Lack of space? No problem.  Once your content is safely moved into BoxProtect Storage Box.  We can bring your contents back to your location or a new location, whatever you need.

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